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Being Repossessed? - Stop House Repossession - Quick Sale, Rent Back and Buy Back Options - Repossession Angels

Stop House Repossession

If you are faced with the prospect of:

  • having your home repossessed
  • facing financial difficulties
  • needing to sell your home quickly

Repossession Angels can help you release the equity in your property.

You may be facing difficulties due to:

  • ill health
  • divorce
  • separation
  • credit card debt
  • secured debt
  • unsecured debt

Repossession Angels aim to help you resolve your situation by offering you a quick sale on your property, allowing you to make a fresh start, debt free. (Tips for Stopping Repossession)

We understand that each person’s situation is different and we aim to work with you to find the best solution for your situation. We will work to your timescale, which means you can sell your home within 3-4 weeks.

About Repossession Angels

Repossession Angels will typically offer between 75-85% of the market value of your home and the purchase will normally complete within 3 to 5 weeks.

Getting a quick sale of your home through Repossession Angels is not the best solution for everyone and you will likely receive a higher price for your property by selling through an estate agent. We understand that if you are facing financial difficulties then the uncertainty and cost of selling through an estate agent may not be an option. When Repossession Angels purchase your home we will guarantee the sale goes though and you have no legal or other costs to pay.

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